Jonny & The Black Frames Summer Tour w/ V8 Death Car and Slim & The Gems

The Sanctuary, 432 Goldthwaite St, Montgomery, AL

Live Saturday June 15th! All Ages. $5 at the door 9PM.

With: V8 Death Car Slim & The Gems

V-8 Death Car Punk RocknRoll from the great 22nd state.

V-8 Death Car is a Punk RocknRoll band from the Heart of Dixie formed in June 2013. If you like a high energy live show, catchy power pop tunes, and a southern draw, V-8 is the band for you to see and shoot whiskey with!

Jonny & The Black Frames Jonny & the Black Frames are out for blood. Influenced by old school punk rock, early rock & roll, rockabilly, and 90’s alternative, they have little regard or patience for current trends. Jonny Yen (guitar/vocal) spent years terrorizing the regional music scene in Texas before disappearing suddenly and being presumed dead. Chad Z (bass/vocal) was run out of town at an early age after proving to be too vicious even for Detroit. A native of North Alabama, J. (drums) can often be spotted at the edge of the woods with an axe and a thousand yard stare. Jonny & the Black Frames now lurk in the dark corners of Huntsville, Alabama… biding their time… waiting to attack.

Slim & The Gems High energy Rockabilly, Americana, and good ol Rock and Roll!!