Jonny & The Black Frames Summer Tour

The Merry Widow, 51 S Conception St, Mobile, AL

Jonny & The Black Frames are on tour supporting their new record "Revolver Junkies."

9:00 Door 18+ / $5 Jonny & The Black Frames (Huntsville, AL Rock & Roll) Earl's Killer Squirrel (Pensacola Punk Rock)

JONNY & THE BLACK FRAMES Jonny & The Black Frames are out for blood. Influenced by early rock & roll, old school punk rock, rockabilly, and 90’s alternative, they have little regard or patience for current trends. Jonny Yen (guitar/vocal) spent years terrorizing the regional music scene in Texas before disappearing suddenly and being presumed dead. Chad Z (bass/vocal) was run out of town at an early age after proving to be too vicious even for Detroit. North Alabama local J (drums) is often sighted at the edge of the woods with an axe and a thousand yard stare. Jonny & The Black Frames are now lurking in the dark corners of Huntsville, Alabama…biding their time…waiting to attack.

New album "Revolver Junkies" available now!

EARL'S KILLER SQUIRREL Influenced by Ramones, Descendents, ALL. Some of the bands E.K.S. has performed with include the Faint, Fury 66, 88 Fingers Louie, The Huntingtons, Sir Mix-Alot, J Church, Good Riddance, Boy Sets Fire, Cards & Spokes, Paw, Stretch Armstrong, Damad, I-45, The Undead, The Wednesdays, The Nobody's, The WhyIOughta's, The Grumpies, 99 Cents, The Lonely Kings, Liquor Bike, The Hudson Falcons NJ, The Faint, Goober Patrol, The Independents, Shyster, Shindig and Millencolin, Peelander Z, One Eyed Doll, Fourth Estate, Hifi Handgrenades to name a few.