Jonny & the Black Frames are out for blood.  Influenced by old school punk rock, early rock & roll, rockabilly, and 90’s alternative, they have little regard or patience for current trends.  Jonny Yen (guitar/vocal) spent years terrorizing the regional music scene in Texas before disappearing suddenly and being presumed dead.  Chad Z (bass/vocal) was run out of town at an early age after proving to be too vicious even for Detroit.  A native of North Alabama, J. (drums) can often be spotted at the edge of the woods with an axe and a thousand yard stare.  Jonny & the Black Frames now lurk in the dark corners of Huntsville, Alabama… biding their time… waiting to attack.

Album Download (Password Required)

Album Download (Password Required)


Magazine Reviews - "Revolver Junkies" 

"Jonny & The Black Frames have been local faves for several years now. And although to date they haven't put out a bad release, I have felt that they haven't totally captured the complete package of what they so deftly deliver live. In their defense, that's a damn tall order. And I highly recommend any and all of their material that you can get your hands on. The critters in Huntsville, Alabama, as well as a lot of the Southeast, have known what's up for eons and still can't get enough of 'em. That's why Revolver Junkies is so important. This is equal parts the document the scene has been raving for and the badass punk rock record you've been needing.  

"So what the hell do they sound like?" 

When Jonny & The Black Frames aren't giving us rock'n'roll with pure punk energy, they're putting out punk with solid rock'n'roll balls. These folks have got the entire delirious history of loud guitar pumping in their veins. Pumping so hard, in fact, there oughta be a health warning on the back. Overdriven Chuck Berry is one thing, but they take it to the next level. They ain't afraid to get dirty. They ain't afraid to get dark. I bet these motherfuckers wore sunglasses in the studio with the lights punched out. Rockabilly, old-school punk, new-school punk, glam, metal? It just comes natural to them. It all belongs and it doesn't sound crazy or pretentious or stupid. It's all just rock'n'roll to them. 

Buy this ASAP and see them live whenever ya get a chance!!" -Harmless GAD!Zine 2019


Blog Reviews - "Revolver Junkies"

"very fun upbeat sound with some aggressive yet captivating lyrics" - 30SecondRock 

"really dig your style, the composition and the flow are brilliant. ideas are really inspirational and beautiful" - Eonity 

"big heavy vibrant rock effort" - We All Want Someone to Shout For 

"adore the energy the instrumentation has here, and the retro feel of the melody contrasted with the metal ruggedness of the lyrics/vocals is absolutely delightful" - Two Story Melody 

"this certainly is a badass traditional rock and roll song (Keep The Fire Alive), reminded us of the legendary Motorhead. The song has a great drive and energy all the way long." - Metalhead Community 

"we enjoyed the sound of the band, loved the guitar riff, very epic sounding" - RockThePigeon

 "Nice powerful song, instruments sound rich and engaging" - Javierpdlr